Monday, December 19, 2011

Guilty or Not Guilty

I do believe that those people who have committed a crime should be punished. However, I do not believe that people who choose to do things that society may deem "wrong" should be punished. Excluding the things that society point out to be "wrong" such as to murder, steal, etc.. I don't think that people should be punished for choosing to do things differently In today's world, society does not really have any clue what is really right or wrong anymore. We, as a society, have somehow lost our judgement of what is actually wrong and what is right. We tend to find it rather difficult to affectionate what is wrong from what is right or from what is really wrong to what we think is "wrong". One example would be politics; in the world of politics, there will always be corruption within a government - big or small.

But perhaps if I did believe that all those that have done things that society considered "wrong" should be punished, I would punish them according to how extreme, as well as how morally wrong their crimes are. If I were to punish a murderer, I wouldn't murder he/she right away. Depending on what their motives are at first, I wouldn't murder them right away. It's because there are those who have committed murder, not because their intentionI would at least give them a second chance -  a chance for them to reflect on what they have done and whether they feel any feeling of remorse or regret for what they have done, I don't think they should be murdered.The same would go for other criminals who have committed other crimes. I would have some kind of a therapy for criminals who are willing to change for the better.

Punishment is still punishment, thus I believe that prisons are necessary. The time served in prison will vary depending on how serious the crime is.Obviously, the person that murdered a person will serve a much longer time compared to someone who has been caught driving under the influence. Just because prisoners are getting second chances doesn't necessarily mean that they are free to go.  and are able to do what they want again. They are required to serve jail time. If not, then what kind of a punishment would that be?

Also, I don't necessarily believe that a person who has committed a number of crimes should serve a lifetime term in prison. What I would do is each person will get 3 strikes; after the 3 warning, I think that they should serve a much longer time than the one they've served before. The more that they commit crimes, the more they jail time they'll receive. Though I do believe that a person who has committed a number of murders should be in person for a lifetime. I don't think prisoners should be released earlier than their original release date because i think if you choose to do criminal acts and get caught, you should be ready to face whatever consequences will be given to you . There are no easy way out in life, there are certainly no easy way out in prison.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wildcard: The Heart and Mind

Which is more powerful -- the mind or the heart? A lot of people ask this question many times; and sometimes, they cannot even differentiate the difference between the heart and the mind. To me, I believe that the heart is much, much more powerful than the mind. Why? Well, it’s really easy to change a mind as if I were to change a one’s heart. The thing that many people don’t realize is that the mind is constantly changing every single day, every hour, every second. The thoughts that we process into our minds goes through some kind of change like if we were to make a decision - we usually ask ourselves, “Should I go choose A or choose B.” Everytime we make a decision, people are always biased to one of the choices they’re given and that is most like because their heart tells them to.  Sure, some decision that we make in our everyday lives are not that important like what kind of breakfast to eat in the morning.  But then there are those decisions that we make in life that requires to use our heart, not to be cliche, but an example would be which person do love more when you’re stuck between two people that you love...

This somehow reminds me of music in a way. What I mean is that anyone and everyone can learn how to play an instrument, but if you don;t have the passion for it, it can only take so far. Not even the mind can improve a person’s ability to play the best they can and be the best that they can be. With passion that comes from the heart, if you have the passion for music, only you can truly improve and become the best at it.

I also believe that the heart is a lot stronger and powerful than the mind because of experiences that I’ve come through. There have been numerous times where I have fallen and failed at things that I love to do like dancing and playing tennis. I remember the time when I went and danced at an audition site. I was so nervous then. I kept telling myself to calm down. And when it was my turn to dance, all I could do was to do my very best. Though iin the end, I wasn’t able to go through the next round. However, it was my passion for dancing that keeps me motivated to be better -- to be the best and try my hardest next time around. It was my love for dancing that keeps me striving. No matter how many countless times my mind told me that i can’t do it, to just give up, and throw everything away; I didn’t listen cause I knew my heart wouldn’t. My heart didn’t want to give up and throw everything that I’ve worked hard for. My heart knew how important dancing is to me. And in the end, I chose to listen to my heart, it had a much powerful, positive impact on me than my mind did. To me, the heart has more control of someone than the mind does. Although there will be times in our life where we must decide to close out our hear and listen to what our minds are telling us. And I do applaud those who listens to their minds because they are able to push aside their heart and not let their emotions get in the way too much...