Monday, February 27, 2012

Wisdom Achieved.

What is wisdom? This is quite an interesting question because even I can’t really explain what wisdom is. If we were to refer to the dictionary, it tells us that wisdom is an accumulated philosophic or scientific learning. If we were to abide by this definition, wisdom can be anything that enlightens us. It could be getting straight A’s on report cards or graduating college - most especially if you were to graduate with a Ph.D from a top university or quickly rising to the top of a great corporation. However, in my own opinion, I don’t necessarily consider these as the only source of gaining wisdom. Just because a student is getting straight A’s in school does not always mean that he/she is wise. For all we know, that certain student is just a very good student who follows directions very well or does what h/she is supposed to do. Therefore, it cannot be easily justified that one is wise just by judging from their report cards or whether they gained a Ph.D from a top university. Conversely, it can, indeed, be a stepping stone in determining if one truly possesses wisdom. Sure, there are IQ test that we take during the course of our lives, but that doesn't really mean that you know everything just because you scored high on a computer generated test. You see, intelligence does not always mean to be able to accumulate some type of learning from a simple textbook alone or by taking notes during a class. It is much more than that. There are a variety of ways in which wisdom can be gained----I believe that wisdom also comes from experiences and it is something that a person cannot take a test for. As a matter of fact, there is a fine line that separates common knowledge attained from school from knowledge attained based on personal experiences and both are equally important. Nevertheless, one does not need certain “qualifications” to have wisdom like how a person who was not able to go to school or finish school is automatically labeled as being “dumb, stupid, etc.” Like I have mentioned before, wisdom can be conquered through various ways not just by going to school.

I actually do have someone whom I consider rather wise and that is my dad. He’s not that old, but he has gone through numerous trials in life as well as being able to go to school. Thus, he does have many insights on both life and common knowledge.

Every mind was made for growth, for knowledge; and its nature is sinned against when it is doomed to ignorance. - William Ellery Channing

I find this quote by William Ellery Channing very endearing. Perhaps it’s the fact that what he says is very true; that our minds grow as we get older as well as the only reason that we can sin against it is when we choose to be ignorant. I agree with the saying that “the older you get, the wiser you get” because by the time you are in your late years, the amount of experiences you have gone through in your life is what will help you view the world and everything else around you in a much broader light. By that time, you have already matured into an adult as well as your mind. We grow old with our mind. That’s why I prefer asking older people like my grandparents or my parents for advice on life or whenever I’m going through a tough phase in my life because they know more than I do and that they have been in my shoes once in their life…

Sunday, February 19, 2012


JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! With the economy continuously plummeting down to ground, it is very hard to get a decent profession. Nevertheless, everyone seems to be in search of a job - whether it is a dream job or not - right?. There are those careers that pay much higher and offers more benefits than others, and with that, many have come to a conclusion that the latter one is less significant than the other. But is it true? Is Job 'A' much more important than Job 'B' just because the yearly salary of Job 'A' is greater than Job 'B'? I would like to disagree on such a thought due to the fact that I don not believe that a profession's importance is solely based on how much it money it brings to a person's bank account. One example would be celebrities; they earn millions of dollars from filming movies, endorsements, album sales, or even from a simple publicity stunt. As a matter of fact, most celebrities earn more than politicians - even more than the President of the United States himself. Though we all know, well hopefully most of us do know, that a president's job who is busy trying to run a country is much more important than a celebrity's who is pretty much earning money without doing anything significant that could help develop people's lives other than offer meaningless entertainment to those who choose to pay attention to it. Therefore, I completely disagree that a profession can be defined by how much money it earns.

Although, I do somewhat agree that some jobs holds more purpose and importance in society than other jobs. If you were to compare a doctor with someone who works as a cashier at a retail store, which would you choose to have a more important job? Would you choose the job that checks out your purchases or the one that is constantly saving people's lives? No doubt, more people would choose the doctor. Back to my analogy between the president of a country and a celebrity, both are profession and it is a way of living. However, both holds different purposes in society as well as different importance. But I would say that a president is a much more more valuable career if compared to a celebrity’s.

However, despite the fact that some professions are more important than others, I still don't believe that one is better than the other. Sure, I may be contradicting myself here, but it is really hard to say that one specific job is much more important than the other because a I personally think that a job's significance should not depend on which one is better or which one holds more significance in society because in reality, the careers that we choose to take brings some kind of an impact in the world even in the smallest possible way. It' is just a matter of whether a person loves what they are doing.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Taking a Risk

It would be huge lie if I were to say that I have never taken a risk in my life or have never thought about taking one. To be honest, I’ve taken so many risks in my life -- I’ve gained some great benefits and some ended in a bad note that only gave me life lessons. People at my age may have tried dangerous things and survived. Unfortunately, there are also those who have dared to do the unthinkable and did not survive. Though, let’s not be pessimistic about such a topic. Let’s dwell in the bright side instead. Indeed, taking a chance does not always result a sad ending, it also brings new opportunities and opens new doors to one’s life. Not only that, taking risks can help a person open their eyes into making the right decisions.

One of the many risk that I have taken in my life was when I went to an open audition for anyone who desired to be in the entertainment field via singer, dancer, acting, composer, modeling. As a kid and up until now I’ve always find dancing very entertaining and exhilarating. It was just of my favorite things to do as a hobby that I do alone on my free time. Before, dancing was just a passion; never would have I thought that dancing would be one of the few things that I have found passion in. I am not a professional dancer nor was I enrolled in a dancing school. Instead, I was down my living room in front of a computer on YouTube, learning some new choreography to a song or down in the basement with my iPod hooked on a stereo, dancing freestyle. The music easily ran through my mind and my body, feeling every single beats. That was my passion.

Then one day, I happened to come across this site that was holding an open audition in New York to any young aspiring talents to showcase their talents. My attention automatically sparked while my eyes widened. Right there and then, I knew that I wanted to to join the audition. Although, something inside me held me back from signing up for the audition, I had doubts about myself and how I might make a fool out of myself due to my shyness when put on the limelight. I was never the type of person who enjoyed being put on the spotlight or being the center of the attention. I hated the feeling. And so, I decided to ignore the audition. A couple of days after stumbling upon on the audition site, my friend and I were discussing about music and our passion for it -- her in singing while I talked about dancing. She then mentioned an audition site that was happening in New York. Ironically enough, she was talking about the SAME EXACT audition that caught my attention a few days back. She encouraged me to tryout for the audition. I refused at first, explaining to her about my fear of making a fool out of myself in front of everyone and my lack of confidence. But her constant words of encouragement gave me some push towards my decision of auditioning. I came home that day with the thoughts of the audition running wildly on my mind, I was hesitant a bit due to the fact that my parents my just laugh at me and reject at my silly thoughts. Yes, I was also afraid of what my parents would think about it,but my desire to go to the audition was far greater than what I had expected that somehow I was able to put all my fears behind me and end up asking my parents if I could go to the audition site. To my surprise, they were quite supportive of me and took me to the audition. I was very much relieved, the happiness and excitement I felt inside was more than what I could describe. And so, I auditioned and had a blast. Though I didn’t get too far with the audition, I was able to take home a once in a lifetime experience. I took a risk and what I had gained from it was far more than what I could benefit from. By taking a chance, my passion for dancing grew even more.

A Little Thing Called Love.

What is love? Is love really definable? Just what exactly is love? If you were to look it up in the dictionary, love means to have a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person; it is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. The dictionary gives a rather very close meaning to what love is, yet the given meanings are not enough to describe such a simple word.

Simple. How can a word that is composed with only four letters from the alphabet, a word that only has one syllable, a word so simple, hold endless meanings that can be interpreted in different various ways by so many? In my personal opinion, the word “love” cannot be so easily defined. Hell, can it even be defined? Perhaps it’s easy for a person, who has not experienced what it’s like to love and to be loved - or rather does not understand the concept of love, to say, “Well, love, of course is _______ and ________, with a little of _________ mixed in.” But if you ask what is love anyway, I would probably be bad at describing it because there are million of ways to describe it. Love can’t be really seen, smelled, nor tasted, but it can be felt. If you ask of a description of the word -- what love feels like -- well, love brings you both pain and happiness. Without the pain that love brings, it would be impossible to see and feel love. With the pain, we are able to realize and notice just how beautiful everything is, even the smallest things.

Love makes your heart flutter in weakness, it makes your heart beat nonstop whenever that certain someone appears in front of you. Even with just a mere thought of them makes your world stop in an instant as if nothing could matter more than that special person.. Often at times, you find yourself going crazy about them, unable to ignore or forget such a feeling; and at the end all you do is keep going back. Your mind is about to explode from just thinking of them. With every touch, every sensation love brings, it seems to keep you in a trance. Although, with every beauty love brings comes the unbearable heartaches. There is no such thing as a “perfect love”. If a “perfect love” is what you seek of, where everything is just filled with happiness and beautiful times, then you might as well give up on searching such a kind of love because it’s not guaranteed that love can only provide you those good times. There will be a time where one will find themselves crying, being torn apart, their heart shattered into pieces, and it’s as if the world has fallen apart upon them. But it is only natural for the feeling of suffering and sorrow to be attached to a world like “love”. Loving someone and love itself is never easy, and if it was, we would be living in such a beautiful, peaceful world. There's going to be moments where it may see that everything couldn't be more perfect than the the present moment you are engulfed in and there will be times where it may seem that everything you knew and know of has fallen into darkness with no way out. But that's what makes love beautiful. Without all of its imperfections, we wouldn't be able to appreciate the things that makes it perfect.

Love is found in the most unexpected places, at the most unexpected moment. There is no definite place nor definite time that will tell you where and when to find love. There is no map that shows you where love is located, no clues that hints you where to find love, there’s no pot at the end of a rainbow that is filled with love. If anything, you don’t really find love, love finds you. Love also has no certain routines nor habits that can be pinpointed. Love is not hard to get, it comes naturally; it may take time to get, but sooner or later it will come. There are those who has already found the person they’ll love and spend the rest of their lives with and yet there are those who haven't found it yet. It’s just a matter of time really. It’s also rubbish to say that there are those who can’t have it or those who don’t deserve to love and to be loved. There are no qualifications of some sort to be granted with love. Everyone can have love, it just depends on what they decide to do with it -- if they choose to cherish or throw it away.

One can never have too much of love if they know how to cherish it. If one doesn’t know how to care for love, then what value does is really hold? Is there even a sentimental value in such a feeling? It must be fully appreciated in order for a person to see the value in what love can bring.

We, as humans, often come across things that we thought was valuable to us and yet only find ourselves wanting to get rid of such a thing. For example, when you were probably just a child, you always want the best and newest toys out there. So whenever your friend showed off their new toy, you always end up wanting the same one. You ask your parents for that certain toy, they buy it for you, you play with it several times, but find yourself growing tired of it. Love is no different from a toy. To fall in love so easily only means to fall out of love too quickly. One may thing that what they have is love, but when given the time to sit down and just think, it can be quite surprising what they might realize after mere self-reflections. Soon, they find themselves trapped in love’s lucid dream because of their realization that what one once thought was love was never really love after all. Some of us truly fall in love with that one person who we can't live without, and yet some of us only fall in love with the idea of love and being loved. Hence, the reason as to why people in relationships break-up...