Monday, May 28, 2012

Blog 28: Wildcard (Blog Without Substance)

A wildcard blog...mmmm...I have to be honest Mr. Mannion, I have mixed feelings whenever it is a wildcard blog. I know most of your students love it whenever you put up a wildcard blog because it gives them freedom of having to talk about anything they want to talk about. I am sometimes one of those students, but not ALL the time. There are times when I hate it when you put up wildcard blogs mainly because I do not know what to say of or what I should talk about. It is sad because I think I’m the only one who feels about your wildcard blogs this way.

Usually, I would have a lot of things to rant about, like how much I hate my day, my future, what I want to do in life, or just anything random. But I just cannot come up with anything to talk about that might interest you whatsoever. All the topics that have crossed my mind, the topics that have been nominated to be the subject of this blog seemed too typical and cliche for me. Also the fact that this blog has to be at least five-hundred words, makes this assignment a bit harder for me to write. Hence, the reason as to why it might be unusual for you to find any contractions or whatever in this entry. I am pretty much just typing as much words as I can, refraining myself from using any contractions in hopes that I would be able to get myself to five-hundred words much faster so that I could end my never-ending senseless rant. However, I am only around two-hundred eighty words or so. So, it will be a while until I finish this blog. But anyways, I do not think that I am the only one who does this...right? Well, hopefully I am not the only because that would be very embarrassing on my part.

And so, here I am just typing every single thing that comes up to my mind and sadly, all the things that are coming up on my mind are all without substance. I might as well just tell you what is going on around me besides the fact that I have been sitting on my kitchen counter doing your blog. My sister is sitting beside me, her eyes glued to the laptop, watching her make-up videos on youtube -- so typical of her. But I do applaud her make-up talents...if that is even considered a talent. My two cousins directly from the Philippines, who have been staying at my house for the past three and a half weeks, are both sitting on the sofa in the family room watching an unfamiliar show on Disney Channel while my mom is right next to them, sleeping soundly. It has been a while since I last followed a Disney show. I guess that is just me growing up since I find some of the show’s humor pretty bland compared to shows that I have been watching a lot of lately like That 70’s Show, FRIENDS, How I Met Your Mother, and The Big Bang Theory.

I just checked the word count of this blog, and guess what! I’m over 500 words. I guess there’s no need for me to use contractions anymore, as YOU’VE noticed. This also means that I’ll be ending my blog now since I already reached my goal of having written a 500-word blog. Hopefully, I’ll write a much interesting one next time...

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