Monday, May 28, 2012

Blog 29: Forgiveness

Forgiveness...Forgiveness, in my opinion, is one of those things that are straddling on the border between easy and hard. What I am trying to get at is that forgiveness can either be an easy process or a hard one. Not everyone can forgive easily, some may do it easier than others while some are having a hard time with it. It is also the same on how often a person can practice forgiveness. There are those who forgive those who have sinned against them every single time while there are those who don’t bother forgiving those who have done them wrong. Both sides are understandable though and that’s what makes us human. We are after all human, right?

Personally, I think that forgiveness should not be measured by how often it should be practised because it varies among people. Everyone is different, therefore their attitude -- their approach on forgiveness varies. Instead, it should depend on what kind of wrongdoing a person has done to you and how much it really affects you. If it is over something that can’t be fixed easily can’t be reverted back to normal, then the idea of forgiveness can be quite hard to grasp. Although, if it is something over that can be talked through and can be fixed easily if both parties are willing to work it out, then the idea of forgiveness won’t be too much for them.

As for personal experience, I haven’t been really in a situation where I haven’t forgiven anyone who has done something wrong to me. I usually get along with people and as bad of a habit this may sound, I’m usually the person who apologizes first whether it was my fault or not. Pretty bad right? And if someone did sin against me, forgiveness doesn’t really come that hard for me and I barely hold any grudges on a person. Plus, I usually forgive a person in a heartbeat just as long there is a hint of sincerity when they are apologizing. If it seems fake to me, then they can forget about their hopes of me forgiving them. But those cases are very rare.

Just because forgiveness comes easy to me does not automatically means that there will never come a day when forgiveness will be an impossible task for me to complete. A situation in which the idea of having to forgive someone will be very hard for me to do is if I was betrayed -- stabbed in the back by someone I consider close to me. If a person I consider close to me stabbed me in the back, forgiveness probably will not come that easy for me mainly because I wouldn’t really know how I would deal with it. I probably wouldn’t even know how to properly react to it. I would probably take their apologies, but I don’t think I don’t think our relationship would be back to normal or would I be able to forgive them fully.

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