Monday, May 28, 2012

Blog 27: Unfinished Business...

Believe it or not, I still do feel like I have some unfinished business left to do despite the fact that there are less than 2 months left in my final year of high school. Time is passing by so quickly that it is so overwhelming and because of that, I feel like that I am running out of time for the things that I still have to do. Many of the underclassmen are probably thinking that we, seniors, are pretty much done for the year; that we do not have anything to worry about, but just have fun for the remaining months that we have left -- that we have nothing to stress about anymore except for finals. However, they don’t have a single clue of the amount of stress that we, seniors, have to go through especially when it comes to our college preparation.

Most of my peers already heard from the colleges that they applied to. Some may have been denied, but most of them have been accepted to the colleges that they want to get into the most. But for me, it is a totally different case. The fact that I have decided to apply to colleges out abroad, mainly universities in the Philippines, makes my situation completely different. I have applied to at least four universities in the Philippines and two universities here in the U.S.; and so far I have not heard from any one of them. Well, except for one of them. Unfortunately, the one university from the Philippines that I did hear from did  not accept me into their school. This was pretty much a disappointment to me because the school that did not accept me happened to be my top choice.

My decision pretty much depends on whether I get accepted to the Philippines or not. If I happen to not get accepted to any universities in the Philippines, my choice would be to go to college here. It’s not that I do not want to go to college here, it’s just that I’ve set my mind to go to college in the Philippines, not mainly because of financial reasons, but because of how I just love the atmosphere there; I can definitely see myself going there and it would be a bum if I don’t get accepted into any of the universities I applied to.

And so, waiting for one of my chosen colleges puts me in a doubting situation. I start to doubt myself whether I am good enough for these schools. It is pretty much an unfinished business because as of right now, I still have no idea where to go after graduation high school. Would I end up going to a school here or a school in the Philippines? And if I was to compare my situation to one of my fellow classmates, it seems that I am slacking behind on something that I should be ultimately sure on. I still don’t know what to answer when someone asks me where I’m going to college next year because I still don’t have a college that I’m certain of. All I can do really is shrug my shoulders.

Hopefully by the end of the school year, I already have an answer to that question. But as of right now, I still have tons of unfinished business...

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